03. Oktober 2023

Hank Williams Special

Hank Williams: Never again (The complete) 

Hank Williams: Your cheatin heart (The complete)

Bob Dylan: The love that faded (The lost notebooks of HW)

Yo La Tengo: I‘m so lonesome I could cry (Stuff like that there)

Hank Williams: Too many parties and too many pals (Luke the Drifter)

Johnny Cash: I dreamed about Mama last night (Timeless)

Hank Williams: Cool water (Alone with his guitar)

Mekons: Alone and forsaken (Edge of the world)

Hank Williams: Mansion on the hill (Complete health and happiness recordings)

Tex Ritter: Move it on over (Have I stayed away too long)

Georgie Fame: Move it on over (Mod classics)

Hank Williams: California Zephyr   

Residents: Kaw-Liga (Stars and Hank forever)

Louis Armstrong: Your cheatin neart (Hey goood lookin)

Hank Williams: I‘ll never get out of this world alive

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