22. August 2023

Cordovas: Sky, land and sea (Tje rose of aces)
Rupert Wates: The storm (Elegies)
Trackdogs: Be your silver bullet (Blind summits and hidden dips)
Darrell Scott String Band: It‘s a great day to be alive (Opd cane back rocker)
PIL: Hawaii (End of the world)
Peatbog Fairies: Innes drinks the bru (I see a world)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Like it or not (Keeping secrets will destroy you)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Blood on the wine (Keeping secrets will destroy you)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Good morning, Popocatepetl (Keeping secrets will destroy you)
Broken radio: Smoke signals (Dirty Country)
Rhiannon Giddens: If you don‘t know how sweet it is (You‘re the one)
Teddy Thompson:I‘ll regret it all in the morning (My love of country)
Captain Beefheart: Harry Irene (Sun zoom spark outtakes)

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