21 März 2023

Lynn Miles: Palomino (TumbleWeedyWorld)  

Lynn Miles: Sorry‘s just not good enough (TumbleWeedyWorld)

Chuck Melchin: I am James (The bluest sky)

Bria: By the time I get to Phoenix (Cuntry Covers Vol. 2) 

Rock Ridge: Sleeping cold (The flood)  

Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: Woman of the house (Canvas) 

Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: So you love (Canvas) 

Waco Brothers: General Moutonn

Taj Mahal: Mood Indigo / Caldonia (Savoy)

Salt House: The Loom O Morn (Riverwoods) 

Hack-Poets Guild: Something to love me (Blackletter Garland)

Hack-Poets Guild: The Troubles of this World (Blackletter Garland)  

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