20 September 2022

Kelly Joe Phelps: The black crow keeps flying (Lead me on)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Beggar‘s oil (Shy like a broken clock)
Townes van Zandt: Banks of the Ohio (Highway Kind)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Scapegoat (Tunesmith retrofit)
Greg Brown: Billy from the hills (Slan 6 Mind)
Kelly Joe Phelps: Sovereign Wyoming (Western bell)
Jay Farrar: Drain (Sebastopol)

Riley Downing: Deep breath (Start it over)
Rich Jaques: New design (Everything must change)
Rich Jaques: The book of love (Everything must change)
Rob Heron: The horse that you rode in on (The party‘s over)
Valerie June: Look at Miss Ohio (Under cover)
Eli Winter: Davening in threes

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