28 Dezember 2021

Alan Wilson: Alan’s intro (Blind Owl Wilson)
Stereo Naked: Would you (Unseen course)
OneTwoThree: Buy buy (Onetwothree) 
Liliput: Split 
Liliput: A silver key can open an iron lock somewhere (Some songs)

All one song:
Carter Familiy: I‘m thinking tonight of my blue eyes
Vernon Delhart: The prisoner‘s song
Roy Acuff: The great speckled bird
Hank Thompson: The wild side of life
Kitty Wells: It wasn‘t god who made honky tonk angels

Hannah James and Toby Keith: The ragged woman (Sleeping spirals)
Richard Thompson: Together again (I want to see the bright lights tonight)
Jon Langford’s Skull Orchard: Devil’s replacement
Jon Langford: Jesus was a union man
Buck Owens: Together again

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