24 August 2021

Freakons: Phoebe Snow (st)

Jon Langford & Skull Orchard: Devil‘s replacement (single)

Rob Noyes: Old devil (Arc minutes)

Nanci Griffith: Night Rider’s Lament (Other Voices, Other Rooms)

Darin & Brooke Adridge: Die tryin’ (This life we’re living)

Wandering Hearts: Stardust (st)

Watchhouse: New Star (st)

RB Morris: That’s the way I do (Gooing back to the sky)

Great Willow: Together again (single)

Bean Pickers Union:  Philemo (Greatest Picks)

Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter: Slipping amaretto (Anticipation) 

Johnny Burnette: Honey hush (Johnny Burnette and the Rock ‚n Roll Trio)

Darin & Brooke Adridge: Mountains in Mississippi (Faster and farther)

Kropotkins: Sissy wa wa (Five points crawl)

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