22 Oktober 2019


Jack Rutter: John White (Gold of scar and shale)
Monochrome Set: Rest, unquiet spirit (Fabula mendax)
Rob Heron: Eta Carina (Eta Carina EP)
Big Dave McLean: When I was young (Pocketful of nothin)
Bill Frisell & Petra Haden: Red River Valley (Harmony)
West My Friend: Build a bed (In constellation)
Archie Roach: Jamu dreaming (Definite collection)
Wilco: Love is everywhere (Ode to joy)
Trini Lopez:_ Lemon Tree (The folk album)
Balsara and his singing sitars: Lemon tree (Great international hits)
Tim Grimm: (Heart land again)
Bob Dylan: Things we said today (The art of McCartney)
Mekons: When darkness falls (Rock and roll)
Miles Davis: Prince of darkness (The sorcerer)

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