24 April 2018


Anne Keating: Ghost of the untraveled road (Ghost of the untraveled road)
David Munyon: Big snakes in the river (Planetary nights)
Kirran Kane & Rayna Gellert: I don’t know why (The ledges)
Rayna Gellert: Perry (Working too hard)
Connie Converse: Roving woman (How sad how lonely)
Sarah Jarosz: Fortune’s child (Vanity of vanities, a tribute to Connie Converse)
Lucky Bones: Breathe (Matchstick men)
Jeb Barry and the Pawn Shop Saint:  Gravel Roads and Whiskey Bars (texas etc.)
Thom Chacon: I am an immigrant (Blood in the USA) w
Yo La Tengo: Let’s do it wrong¬† (There’s a riot going on)
Sarah Shook & the Disarmers: No name (Sidelong)
Ruby Boots: Infatuatio0n (Don’t talk about it)
Vandoliers: Rolling out (The native)
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