01 August 2017



Viper Central: Luxury liner (The Spirit of god and madness
Susan Cattaneo: Lonely be my lover /Work hard love harder – accoustic version (The hammer and the heart)
Lynn Castle: Rose coloured corner (Rose coloured corner)
Joan Shelley: Where I’ll find you (st)
Lynn Castle: The forest (Rose coloured corner)
Chris Murphy: Halcombe Creek (HardBargain – live solo)
James Elkington: Grief is not coming (Wintres Woma)
Fred McDowell: Keep your lamps trimmed and burning (Alan Lomax Recordings)
Culture: Black starliner miust come (Two sevens clash)
Talbott Brothers: Traveller (Gray)
Harrow Fair: Held tight (Call to arms)
Noah Guthrie: (The valley)
John Blek and the Rats: Caling out my name (Leave your love at the door)
Simon Dupree & the Big Sound: For whom the bell tolls (Part of my past)
Sonny & Cher: It’s gonna rain (LA Nuggets)

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