23 Mai 2017



Laura Blackley & the Wildflowers: Locust tree (Tel it to the darkness)
Justin Townes Earle: 15-25 (Kids in the street)
Gerry Spehar: How I get to heaven from LA (I hold gravity)
Steve Mayone: So many people get it wrong (Sideways rain)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Roses in the winter (Best troubador)
Joan Shelley: If the storms never came (st)
Nik Barrell: New Orleans (Growing peaches in Ofordshire)
Gage Brothers: Caged (st)
Simon Dupree & the Big Sound: Reservations (Without reservations)
Mamas and Papas: Spanish Harlem ( Monterey Festival 1967)
Head for the Hills: Bitter black coffee (Potions and poisons)
Timothy Seth Avett as Darling: Should we move (IV)
Henry Girls: Down by the river (Far beyond the stars)

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