14. Februar 2017



Levi Cuss: Tecumseh (Night thief)
Carrie Elkin: And then the birds cam (The penny collector)
Carrie Elkin: Live wire (The penny collector)
Gurf Morlix: Cold here too(The soul and the heal)
Gurf Morlix: My chainsaw (The soul and the heal)
Chuck Prophet: Bobby Fuler died for your sins (Bobby Fuller died for your sins)
Eliza Carthy: The fitter’s song ( Big machione )
Grahams: City of New Orleans ( & friends)
Mick Harvey: Prevert’s  song (Intoxicated women)
Luke Wilson-King: Keep your lamp trimmed and burninmg ( (The coming tide)
Norman Blake: The contess Lola Montez (Brushwood)
Theo Hakola: Song to ther siren ( (I fry mine in butter)

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