15. November 2022

Plainsong: Raider (Following Amelia)

Old Californio:  Lotta Love (Old Californio Country) 

Honey Harper: Lake song (& the infinitive sky) 

Charles O‘Hagerty: Suez War Song (The more I travel)

Charles O‘Hagerty: Marika‘ s Lullaby (The more I travel)

Williams Brothers: Death of a clown (Memories to burn)

Williams Brothers:Tears only run oneway  (Memories to burn)  

JSD Band: Cousin Caterpillar (Country of the blind)

Sparrow: I‘m coming back (Hatching out) 

Horseshoes and Hand Granades:Gallow‘s tree (For old time‘s sake)

Frank from Blue Velvet: There‘s a storm (st)

Angela Easterling: Keep your head down, Johnny (Witness)

Gurf Morlix: Snake pit (Caveman) 

Beatles: Yellow Submarine  (Revolver-Super deluxe)

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