12 März 2019


Playlist Special Koreakrieg

Hank Harral: When they raised the UN flag in South Korea
Vance Brothers: Draft board blues
Paul Mims: My new carrer is in Korea
Delmore Brothers: Heartbreak Ridge boy
Jim Eanes: Prisoner of war
Jackie Doll: wWhen they drop the atomic bomb
Robert Wyatt: Stalin wasn’t stallin
Ray Anderson: Stalin kicked the bucket
Dixie Ramblers: I am glad when it’s over
Lee Scratch Perrxy: You shadow is black (The black album)
Sister Rosetta Thorpe: There’s peace in Korea
Eddie Hill: I changed my mind
Ewan McColl: The ghost army of Korea
Elton John: Rocket man
Dick Curless: China nights (Shina no yoru)

Songs from: Battleground Korea ~ Sounds And Songs Of America’s Forgotten War (2018)

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