06 August 2014



Carrie Clark & the lonesome lovers: What have we done (Betwen the bedsheets & turpentine)
David Serby: You’re bored (and the latest scam)
Doug Ingoldsby: Brothers (I’ve got a picture)
Peter Rowan: Illusion’s fool (Dharma blues)
Sean Watkins: Meredith (All I do is lie) n
Sean Watkins: Wave as we run
Nickel Creek: 21st of may (A dotted line)
Jane Kramer: nobody’s woman tonight (Break and bloom)
West my Friend: The tattoo that loved her anyway (When the ink dries)
Duhks: Je pense a toi (Beyond the blue)
Hacienda Brothers: What’s wrong with right ( A Road Leading Home – Songs By Dan Penn)
West my Friend: Troubles(When the ink dries)

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