Tour Compilation

From Frankfurt, Reutlingen and Bad Saulgau here are 22 songs the Mekons played during these shows. Only Andromeda is missing – but that one was far away from perfect, unless you want to watch the Mekons watch each others lips. Only Tom had a cd card to read the words.

I had a few problems filming because my equipment fell apart – at least partially. So in Bad Saulgau I had to cover all the songs I had missed before. As you can easily see that show was different. The camera was so close to the stage, that the sound got distorted, but the Mekons had the most of fun. I hope you can see that in the filming.

There are two parts. The first contains:

Mekons in Germany, Frankfurt, Reutlingen, Bad Saulgau
April 10-14
Lawrence of California
Heaven and back
Harrar 1883
Simone on the beach
Fantastic Voyage
Wild and blue
Last dance
Hard to be human
How man stars

Pt. 2 is completely from Bad Saulgau and contains the second part of the show, which was the encore in the former shows. Riot was the only real encore they played in Bad Saulgau.

Songs are:

Beaten and broken
Weimar Vending Machine
Where Were You
Never been in a Riot

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