Sally Timms in Portland

Sally Timms is going to appear at the Quit Music Festival of Portland on June 28th.

She will be perfoprming part of her soundtrack to a recent exhibition by “Future Force Geo Speculators,” a collective of three women artists working with themes of sci-fi feminism. Her explanation to Huffington Post:

“I created sounds using slowed-down manufacturing equipment (sewing machines, old printing presses), low-tech communication noises such as Skype and faxes, texts read through computerized voice programs, ambient sounds sometimes using old sci-fi movie sound effects, crashing cymbals, gongs…all these things to try to create a startling, sort of dystopian sound environment, which was hopefully playful and disconcerting.

“For the Quiet Music Festival,” she continued, “I thought I could use some of those sounds as part of the backing for songs mainly recorded for my ‘In the World of Him’ release from 2004. That used similar ideas of mixing low and high technology, digital and analog, folk songs using some traditional instruments but also ‘modern’ electro sounds.”

Read the complete article here.

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