Rico Bell Exhibition

Friday March 12th:
Eric Bellis (to Mekonistas known as Rico Bell) will present large paintings at the Meyer Gallery.
Eric Bellis: Statement on the “Agricultural Series”

I began forming ideas for the ‘Agricultural Labor’ series of paintings several years ago while living in San Luis Obispo; a farming area on the central coast region of California. At the time I was ‘in between’ both house and studio with most of my equipment and materials ‘in store’ so I made use of the time by taking notes, drawing, making studies and generally observing. Subsequently I was able to take those studies, observations, and things remembered and begin developing this series of paintings.

The series is no less formal in approach than my previous work however the subject matter inevitably affects the outcome. As my painting progresses ambiguities appear and, as I respond to them, a dialogue develops between the painting and myself. The end result contains layers of ‘unknowns’ open to interpretation for me as much as they might be to the viewer. Ironically it is not until these ‘layers of unknowns’ have been established that I can deem the work complete.

Exhibition will open on March 12th with Artist Reception for Kathleen Dunphy and Eric Bellis.
6 to 8pm.

Meyer Gallery- Park City

305 Main Street
Box 1756
Park City Ut. 84060
(435) 649.8160

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