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In Paris, in 1925, Yves Tanguy, Jacques Prévert, André Breton and Marcel Duchamp invented a game they called ‘cadavre exquis,’ derived from a phrase that came up when they first played: ‘le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau’ (‘the exquisite corpse will drink the new wine’). Basically each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed. 

In the current plague year 2020, after a planned rendezvous in Valencia was necessarily cancelled, mekons adopted this method as a means of collectively assembling lyrics and tunes and recording their new album. 

Locked down in various locations, scattered from the West Coast of California to the East End of London, they sang and played into their mobile phones and emailed, uploaded and Whatsapped their wailings, beatings, scratchings and strummings around the globe through the billions of interconnected nodes of our networked panopticon. Mike Hagler assembled the results in Chicago and sent them to be mixed by The Baron at Chateau Trumfio. 

With the US/UK now twinned together under Prime President Minister Dominic McDonald-Johnson’s death clown kakistocracy, avidly acting out the disaster capitalism playbook while twin plagues of ancient systemic racism and the American virus continue to ravage and kill and squawking out of this nightmare sleep of reason, come chlorinated chickens home to roost in a nest of hypocrisy, impunity and conspiracy. 

While we look towards a worse economic depression than the 1930s, scanning our eyes towards the horizon of annihilation, take joy while you can from falling statues! And, well, you just might be tired from having to take to the streets: what better time to settle down with a fancy hydroxychloroquine cocktail, mainline some bleach and dig the mekons’ new surrealist sounds? 

Colin Stewart 
June 2020  


released June 19, 2020 

Baron Von Munchio 
sub-sonics & other electronics 

Comteboy de Langreamont 
vocals, guitar, title, keyboards, u-bass & percussion 

Honeyman Ray 

Luanora Carrington (ex-Lubu Roi) 
ud, saz & cumbus 

The Marquis Tomato de Ironingboard 
vocals, Spanish guitar & outoftune piano 

Ricmedios Bellvaro 
vocals, accordion & keyboards 

Sallyvador Dolly 

St. Yves Pantalon-Mécanique 
drums & percussion 

with thanks to: 

Max Ernst Crawfish 
trumpet on ’Nobody’ 

Ricardo Jolie Chose 
lead guitar on ‘What Happened to Delilah?’ 

Exquisite was recorded in lockdown on mobile phones, broken cassette recorders, clay tablets & other ancient technologies in Aptos, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York & Devon. 

Tracks collated by Mike Hagler in Chicago 
& mixed by The Baron at Château Trumfio.

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