25 Februar 2020

Possessed by Paul James: Dance with me tonight (As we go wandering) Sam Lewis: Southern Greek Tragedy (Solo) Nels Andrews: Memory compass (Pigeon and the crow) Nels Andrews: Broken conversation ( Sunday shoes ) Elijah Ocean: Loveland (Back to the lander)  Trader Horne: Better than today (Morning way … plus)  Andrew Hawkey : Golden heart […]

11 Februar 2020

Haden Tripletts: Tiny broken heart (st) with Ry Cooder https://youtu.be/sTbTyiuVI1E Petra Haden: Psycho (Petra gies to the movies) https://youtu.be/FIl7CkgYYMM That Dog: Minneapolis (Retreat from the sun) Petra Haden & Bill Frisell: John Hardy was a desperate little man (st) Brian Eno / John Cale: Ring of fire Haden Tripletts: I’ll fly away (Family songbook )Paul […]

28 Januar 2020

Jeffrey Foucault: Pretty hands (Blood Brothers) live https://youtu.be/Repc_1YqHW0 Sam Lewis: Neighbours  (Solo) playlist https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcz1b_ICPoz-Qjj1kwn0hjE00SUVbaLiT Amberly Chalberg: Wishing well  (Hi-Line) https://youtu.be/nIHAloVsyHI Lady Maisery: Honest work (Live) https://youtu.be/_DNFO21gVv0 Neil Bob Herd: Colour of history (Every soul a story) playlist https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx72KLt1E3pak5JdN3yxASw4NJZOqRXc4 Askew Sisters: Sweet Lemeney (Through lonersome woods) live https://youtu.be/tMF955CbsM4 Martyn Joseph: Cannons of christianity (Days of decision) Ochs https://youtu.be/umCo8QjHLNw Joseph https://youtu.be/7RCj_Ytr0y4 Jeffrey Foucault: War on […]

14 Januar 2020

Askew Sisters: Georgie (Enclosure) Hannah James and Sam Sweeney: William Taylor ( State and ancientry) Hannah James & JigDoll Ensemble: Hush now (The woman and her words) Lady Maisery & Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Hope is before us (Awake Arise) Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Hawk’s call (Many a thousand) Rheingans Sisters: This forest […]

17 Dezember 2019

Track Dogs: Dragonfly’s castle (Fire on the rails)Men Of Gwent: Frankie Lodge (President of Wales) Michael Nesmith: Joanne (Cosmic partners) Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld with Chatham County Line: Northwest Passage (Winter stories) Miles Nielsen: Moonlit ride (Ohbahoy)Christy Moore: Hurt (Magic nights)Christy Moore: Back home in Derry (Magic nights)Stephen Fearing: Sunny (The unconquerable past) Kates Rusby: […]

03 Dezember 2019

Vic Simms: Branded Man (Best of Kaori Classics)Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Marwurrumburr (Gurrumul)Nora Waterson: Wild colonial boy (Anchor)Jimmy Little: Christmas in the airRoger Knox: Shake, Rattle and RollBill Chambers: I drink (Sleeping with the blues) mCountry Express: Sing me back home (Another lonesome morning)The Eastern: Oh mystery (Arrows) 2010Sue Ray: Red roses (Buried Country 1.5) live […]

19 November 2019

Bella Hardy: Sylvie Sovay (Postcards and pocketbooks) Dori Freeman: 2 step (Every single star) Ilse de Lange: No end in sight (Gravel and dust) Madder Rose: On dir adieu (To be beautiful) Kelly Steward: Outlaw (Tales and tributes to the deserving and not so) Catherine McLellan: Night crossing (Coyote) Marj Snyder: Rain (Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies […]

05 November 2019

Tony McLoughlin: The color of spring (True native)  Country Joe and the Fish: Colors for Susan (I feel like I’m fixin to die) Matt Patershuk: Ernest Tubbs had fuzzy slippers (If wishes were horses)  Tom Brosseau with Sean Watkins: Chewing gum (In the shadow of the hill songs from the Carter Familiy catalogue pt. 1) […]

22 Oktober 2019

Jack Rutter: John White (Gold of scar and shale) Monochrome Set: Rest, unquiet spirit (Fabula mendax) Rob Heron: Eta Carina (Eta Carina EP) Big Dave McLean: When I was young (Pocketful of nothin) Bill Frisell & Petra Haden: Red River Valley (Harmony) West My Friend: Build a bed (In constellation) Archie Roach: Jamu dreaming (Definite […]

08 Oktober 2019

Owen Moore: Killing the blues (Songs from a swagman’s suitcase) Geoff & Maria Muldaur: Brazil (Pottery Pie) Yusuf Lateef: Brazil (At Cranbrok and elsewhere) Ed Dupas: It all sounds leaving (The lonesome side of town)Annie & Rod Capps: Patience (When they fall) Drew Holcomb: Dragons (Dragons)  with a little Daniel Johnston tribute: Wilco: True love will find you […]

24 September 2019

Mamas and Papas: 12:30 Fugs: Carpe diem (Second album) Grateful Dead: Viola Lee Blues Charles Manson: Cease to exist Beach Boys: Never learn not to love Dennis Wilson: Mexico (Pacific Ocean View) Neil Young: Revolution Blues (On the beach) Beatles: Healter skelter Sonic Youth& Lydia Lunch: Death Valley 69 Charles Manson: Home is where you’re […]

10 September 2019

Rod Picott: Mama’s boy (Tell the truth and shame the devil) Silver Lake 66: Ragged heart  (Ragged heart) Mean Mary: Quoth the mockingbird (Cold) Lines (The lines we draw together)Black Tar Roses: Midnight rambler  (Rebels, rogues and outlaws) Byrne, Coyne and Doyle:  St. Helena (Liag) Eileen Jewell: Beat the drum (Gypsy)Isabelle Stillman: Nashville (Middle sister)Karine Polwart: Swin […]

27 August 2019

John Murry: The ballad of the pajama kid (The graceless age) Ben Caplan: Widow bride Membranes: The 21st century is killing me (What nature gives … nature takes aw Bob Bradshaw: The wearing of the black (Queen of the west) Session Americana: Roadrunner (North East) Session Americana: Merrimack County (North East) Sarah Holden: My national […]

13 August 2019

Martin Carthy: Scarborough Fair (The essential) Watersons: John Barlecorn (Frost and fire) Lal & Mike Waterson: Magical man (Bright Phoebus: Songs by Lal & Mike Waterson) Watersons: Country life (For pence and spicy ale) Blue Murder: Rubber Band (No one stands alone) Norma Waterson: Over the rainbow (Thought) Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Migrating bird […]

30 Juli 2019

Anne Keating: Boxes (Can’t stand still) Tunng: The pioneers (This is Tunng.. Magpie bites and other cuts)Small Glories: Winnipeg (Assiniboine & The Red)Jesca Hoop: Red white and black (Stonechild)Agitation Free: Sahara City ( Malesch) 17 Hippies: Frau von ungefähr (Ifni) Angela Perley: Dangerous love (4:30)Murder By Death: Pints of guiness make you strong (As you wish – […]

16 Juli 2019

Dennis Taylor: Bicycle Town (Dayspring) Brinsley Schwarz: Lady On A Bicycle (Hens’ Teeth) Mike Stuart Span: My white bicycle (Timespan) Pink Floyd: Bike (Piper at the gates of dawn) Tom Paxton: Ride My Bike (I’ve Got A Yo-Yo) Half Man Half Biscuit: See That My Bike’s Kept Clean (Wing Ding) Carrie Rodriguez: Seven Angels On […]

02 Juli 2019

Calexico & Iran and Wine: Midnight sun (Years to burn) George Sibanda: Ekhaya – Back home (Bulawayo blue yodel) Chris Rawlins: Cold night (Bring on the rain) Sam Baker: Migrants (Horses and stars) Bob Dylan: The water is wide (Rolling Thuder revue) Bob Dylan: She belongs to me (Rolling Thuder revue) Sam Baker: Snow (Horses […]

18 Juni 2019

Playlist Tom T. Hall: Last country song Alan Jackson: Where I come from Buford Pope: Hard life (The waiting game) Mary Ann Kennedy: Margadh an t-Salainn (Glaschu, hometown love song) Neil Young: Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Dr. John: Gris-gris Gumba ya ya (Gris gris) Ethiopians: Cherry Pee (Owner fe de yard) Jeremy Spencer: Moonshine slide (Coventry blue) […]

04 Juni 2019

PLAYLIST Special PETER STAMPFEL Holymodal Rounders: Bird song (The moray eels eat the hmr) Holy Modal Rounders: Random Canyon (I make a wish for a potato)  Bongwater: Kisses sweeter than wine (The power of pussy)  Peter Stampfel: NSA man (Better than expected) Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis: Bottlecaps are cool (Come on board)  Dave van […]

21 Mai 2019

Playlist John Wesley Harding: It’s only make believe (Gratest other peole’s hits) Abbie Gardner: Wallflower days (Wishes on a neon sign) Mimi Farina & Tom Jans: Letter to Jesus (Take heart) Tom Waits: Whistle down the wind (Bone machine) Resonant Rogues: Autumn of the world (Autumn of the world) Union Duke: Torn in two (Golden […]