04 August 2015


Playlist: Special New Zealand

Aldous Harding: No peace at all (st)
Guy Pearce: Leader of the land (Broken bones)
Jamie McDell: Dumb (Ask me anything)
Popstrangers: Country kills (Fortuna)
Streets of Laredo:  Dear Leron (Vol 1&2)
Tattletale Saints: Traces of you / Hank (How red is the blood)
Chills:  I think I’d though I’d had nothing to think about (Somewhere beautiful)
Eastern: The Angle (Territory)
Stones: Surf’s up (Three blind mice)
Vika & Linda: Be careful what you pray for (The women at the well)
Tiny Ruins:  White sheet lightning (Brightly painted one)
Johnny Cash: Streets of Laredo (The man comes around)

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