21 Juli 2015



40 years ago:
Neil Young: Tonight’s the night (
Tonight’s the night)
Walkabouts: Albuquerque
Neil Young: A rock star bucks a coffe shop (Monsanto years)
30 years ago:
Mekons: Hard to be human again (Fear and whiskey)
Gilmore & Roberts: Warmonger (Conflict tourism)
Mekons: Lost Highway
Knife and Fork band: (save the) Last dance (for me) (I’ve been to harehills and back)
Anna Laube: Oh my, Oh Me! Oh Me Oh My (st)
25 years ago:
Uncle Tupelo: Factory belt (No Depression)
Uncle Tupelo: John Hardy
Bodies of Water: That year (The brighter side)
Mark Brown: Creosote (Skin and bone)
Mark Brown: Granny (Skin and bone)

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