14 Oktober 2014



Bridget St. John: Curious and woolly (Jumblequeen)
Shiloh: Same old story (Shiloh)
John Koerner: Nice legs (Spider blues)
Judee Sill: Ridge rider (Judee Sill)
Buffy Saint Marie: Now that the buffalo’s gone (It:s my way)
Leonda: Zono my bird (woman in the sun)
Carolanne Pegg: The lady and the well (Carolanne)
Louis Killen: Pit boots (Gallant lads we are)
Margo Guyan: I think a lot about you (Take a picture)
Nancy Priddy: You’ve come this way before (You’ve come this way before)
Ron Elliott: Lazy day (The candlestickmaker)  Beau Brummels.
Shawn Phillips: Whaz’ zat(Second contribution)
Summerhill: What can I say (Summerhill)
Wendy and Bonnie: By the sea (Genesis)
Tex Perkins: Silver wings (Band of gold)

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