10 Juni 2014



Amy Lavere: Last rock n roll boy to dance (Runaway diary)
Amy Lavere: We went sailon (The world is not my house)
Brigitte DeMeyer: Boy’s got soulĀ  ( Savanna road)
Handsome Family: Far from any road (True detective soundtrack)
Townes van Zandt: Lungs (True detective)
Led Zeppelin: Immigrant song (Alternate mix)
Bob Wills: Love letters in the sand (Tiffany transcriptions)
Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore: West Virginia, my home (Love runner)
Hollies: Signs that will never change (Hollies’ Greatest)
The Roys: Born with a hammer kn my hand ( Gypsy runaway train)
Eva Eastwood: Boombox (Good things can happen)
Cara Dillon: shotgun down the avalanche (Thounsand hearts)
Shawn Colvin: American Jerusalem (All fall down)
Will Stratton: Long live the hudson River Valley ( Gray lodge wisdom)
Henry Girls: Reason to believbe (Louder than words)

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