03 Juni 2008

Waco Brothers: Revolution Blues (Waco Express
Pondering Judd: Hornest Nest (Coalesce)
Rosie Flores:’59 Tweedle Dee (Dance Hall Dreams)
Mar Mar Aye: Beautiful Town (Princess Nicotine: Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar)
RNA: Spanish Bombs (Charlie does surf)
Trio Matamoros: Sangre de Conga (La China en la rumba)
Tim O’Brien: The Garden (Chameleon)
Coal Porters: A light from the mountain (Turn the water on, boy!
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: Noble Experiment ( Strangers from the universe)
Elvis Costello: Mr Feathers (Momofuku)
Bonnie Prince Billy: For every field there’s a mole (Lie down in the light)
Mekons: Cast no shadows
Hedgehopper’s Anonymous: It’s good news week
Bonnie Prince Billy: Where is the puzzle? (Lie down in the light)

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