11 Juni n2013



Builders and Butchers: Pennies in the well (Western medicine)
Dinosaur Truckers: Shadow falling down my face (st)
Mekons: Empire of the senseless (Rock n Roll)
Unseen Strangers: Facebook Waltz (Follow the sound)
I see hawks in LA: tongues in the flame (Mystery drug)
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: Gore Iro (Analog Afrika, No. 2, Chicken run)
Quiet American: Wild Bill Jones (Wild Bill Jones)
Ethel Waters: Franke and Johnny (Murder, songs from the dark side of the soul)
Jon Langford & Saly Timms: The plans that we made ( Executioner’s last songs Vol. 1)
I see hawks in LA: Stop driving like an assjole (Mystery drug)
Gam parsons: In my hour of darkness (Return of the grievous angel)
Texas Jim Robertson: The last page of Mein Kampf (Hitler and hell: Flashbacks no 6)
Leadbelly: Mr. Hitler (Hitler and hell: Flashbacks no 6)
Spike Jones: Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai -Hawaii War Chant (Flashbacks #2 1914-1946 – NoveltySongs Crazy & Obscure)

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