15 Juli 2008

No River City: Jacy Farrow (Wolves and fishes)
Breathe Owl Breathe: Toboggan (Ghost Glacier)
Jonny Kaplan: Miracle mile madonna (Seasons)
Broken Prayers: Act naturally (Crow)
Buck Owens: Act naturally (Buck Owens Collection)
Damien Dempsey: Schoolday’s over (The rocky road)
Peggy Lee: Fever (You give me fever)
Ryan Purcell, When was the last time the bottle let you down (Kick the dirt)
Silver Jews: Candy Jail (Lookout mountain, lookout sea)
Scott Kempner: Love out of time (Saving grace)
Shiners: As the crow flies ( See rock city)
Honeybrowne: Bowling green (Mile by mile)
Herb Remington: Slush pump (Steel guitar holiday)
Ry Cooder: Little Trona girl (I, Flathead)

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