23 Sept 2008

Sonics: Jenny Jenny (The Boom)
Sierra Hull: Smashville (Secrets)
Donna Hughes: Scattered to the Wind (Gaining wisdom)
Whiskey Folk Ramblers: Remington .45 Blues (Midnight Drifter)
Whiskey Folk Ramblers: Going where I don’t know (Midnight Drifter)
Austin Collins: Witching hour (Roses are black)
Rancho Deluxe: Valley of the bears (Tree Freedom)
A night in the box: The Legend of Kevin Mitsch (Write a letter)
Yo La Tengo: Leaving Home (They shoot, we score)
Folk Devils: Where the buffalo roams (Goodnight Irony) (FALL ähnlicher track
Watcha Clan: Les Courbes de Ton Corps (Diaspora Hi-Fi (A Mediterranean Caravan))
Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Banks of the Ohio (Smokey Mountain Ballads)
Emmylou Harris: Green rolling hills (Quarter moon in a ten cent town)
Fayssoux: I know it’s over (Early)
Whiskey Folk Ramblers: Moaning rag (Midnight Drifter)

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