07 Okt 2008

Charlie Haden: A voice from on high (Charlie Haden and friends)
Charlie Haden Liberation Orchestra: Song of the United Front / We shall overcome
Grantura: Sunshine (In dreams and other stories)
Harper’s Bizarre: Chatanooga Choo Choo (Best of)
Sally Spring: Take me to the water (Mockingbird)
Marybeth D’Amico: Ohio (Heaven, hell, sin &redemption)
American Music Club: Windows of the world (The golden age)
O’Death: Ratscars (Broken Hymns,Limbs and Skins)
David Olney: Revolution (The wheel)
Bob Dylan: Red River Shore (Tell Tale Signs)
Backsliders: If I were King (Throwing rocks at the moon)
Haden. Redman, Haden, Cherry: Dewey’s Tune (Old and new dreams)

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