12 Januar 2010


Black Crowes: Aimless Peacock (Until the freeze)
Luther Dickinson: Angel band (Onward and upward)
Black Crowes: Garden gate (Until the freeze)
Luther Dickinson: Up over yonder (Onward and upward)
Ben Sidran: Rainy Day Women No 12 and 35 (Dylan Different)
Les Triaboliques: Gulaguajiara (Rivermudtwilight)
These United States: Twelve Gates to the city (Old Lonesome sound)
Leissure Society: Save it for someone who cares (Sleeper)
Unthanks: Living by the water (Here’s the tender coming)
Mumford ans Sons: Little lion man (Sigh no more)
Rachel Unthank & Winterset: Ma bonny lad (The bairns)
Lhasa: Where do you go (Lhasa)

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