30 Mai 2000

Jazz n Country

01. Jimmy Rodgers: Gambling Bar Room Blues
02. Bob Wills: Big Beaver
03. Bill Monroe: 16 Back or push
04. Django Reinhardt: Out of nowhere
05. Grisman, Garcia: Thrill is gone
06. Bad Livers: 8 National blues
07. Bill Frisell: Gimme a holer
08. Bill Frisell: Keep your eyes open
09. Bela Fleck: First light
10. Bela Fleck: System Seven
11. PVC: 1 Home in San Antone
12. Devil in a woodpile: Whistle gait
13. Victoria Wiliams: Allergic Boy
14. Jerry Douglas: Like it is
15. Olu Dara: Kiane
16. Johny Dowd: Worried Mind
17. Charlie Christian: Honeysuckle Rose
18. Buddie Emmons: Dardanella
19. Bob Neuwirth: First time (99 Monkeys)
20. Bob Neuwirth: First Time (Havanna)
21. Peter Rowan: On the blue horizon
22. Bad Livers: The legend of sawbust boogers
23. Mekons: Last Weeks Of The War
24. Dirt Ball: Whiskey and wild women
25. Eric Hisaw: Down the road

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