13 Nov 2002

Johnny Cash: I’m so lonesome I could cry
Neko Case: Timber (Virginian)
NC: Porchlight (Furnace room lullaby)
NC: Dreamin man (Canadian amp)
NC: I missed the point (Black listed)
NC: Blacklisted (Black Listed)
Ralph Stanley: Henry Lee
Dick Justice: Henry Lee
John Hartford: Good old electric washing machine
Rex Hobart: Golden ring (w. Kelly Hogan)
Johnny Cash: In my life
JC: We’ll meet again
Cow: No name train
Cow: Goodbye, auf wiedersehn


The Mercury, Austin TX, May 17 2002:

01 My Name Is Jorge
02 Hookie Junk
03 High Highs, Low Lows
04 Jesus Christ with Signs Following
05 Foggy Blossoms (Mechanical Bride)
06 Hell Hounds
07 In The Spring I’ll Bring You Roses
08 2000 Man
09 Hallelujah Shine
10 Plaid Coat
11 Ants on the Melon
12 Big Santiago Bust
13 Ceiling’s Leaking

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