24 März 2009

Buddy Miller: Gasoline and matches (Written in chalk)
Bonnie Prince Billy: Death final(Beware)
Sarah Borges: Me and your ghost (The stars are out)
Bela Fleck: Ah Ndiya (Throw down your heart)
K`naan: America (Troubadour)
Calexico: Guns of Brixton
Mekons: Cockermouth (Natural)
Charlie Feathers: Wild side of life (Uh Hu honey)
Kelly Joe Phelps: East to Kansas (Western Bell)
Eduardo Rovira: A fuego lento (Sonico)
Willie Nelson:Where do you stand (Naked Willie)
Billie Bragg: Power in the union
John Wesley Harding: The peoples drug (Who was changed and who was dead)
Buddy & Julie Miller: June (Written in chalk)

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