03 März 2004

Tennessee Boltsmokers: Never be mine ( Songs from the floor)
Rodney Crowell: Fate’s right hand (Fate’s right hand)
Billy Joe Shaver: Try and try again (Try and try again)
Colin Gilmore: 2150 (The day the world stopped and spun the other way)
Peter Holsapple: Still be around (For anyone – Uncle Tupelo tribute)
Duane Jarvis & Dave Coleman: New Madrid (For anyone – Uncle Tupelo tribute)
Johnny Cash: Flesh and blood (Unearthed)
Barnes Boogie Train: Rumble in Brighton (st)
Jessica Blake: Thank you for the ride (Take your time)
Shania Twain & Alison Krauss: Coat of many colours (Just because I’m a woman)
Joan Osborne Do I ever cross your mind (Just because I’m a woman)
Toni Price: Black and blue heart ( Born to be blue)
Jenny Queen: Between the riverbank and the highway (Girls who cry need cake)
Jimmy and Jennmy Eaves: Beer on the bar (Listening to the bluebird sing)

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