17 März 2004

Greg Brown: Who woulda thunk it (If I had known)
Tennessee Boltsmokers: Carry me away ( Songs from the floor)
Jon Langford: Constanz (all the fame of lofty deeds)
Hank Quillen: Looking through American glass blues (Wings of freedom)
Bob Livingston: Mahatma Ghandi and Sitting Bull
Beatles: Tell me what you see (Help)
White Stripes: Don’t know what to do with myself (Elephant)
Catherine Irwin: (Cut yourself a switch)
Elvis Presley: I don’t care if the sun don’t shine (Complete 50s masters)
Gillian Welch: One monkey (Soul journey)
Victoria Williams: As time goes by (sings some ol songs)
Eleventh Dream Day: Tarantula(Prairie School Freakout)
Greg Brown: Downtown (If I had known)
Paul Burch: Last time I fell (Fol for love)

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