13 April 2004

Graham Parker: Fairground (Your country)
Graham Parker: Cruel Lips
Dollar Store: Enemy
Dollar Store: Believe
Meat Purveyors: Whiskey before breakfast (Beans n sweepins)
Meat Purveyors: Working on a building
Jon Rauhouse: Smoke rings (w. Kelly Hogan) (Steel guitar rodeo)
Jon Rauhouse: Indian love call
Lisa Redford: Turn away (Slipstream)
Korby Lenker: Right this time (Bellingham)
Rodney Crowell: Ridin out the storm (Fate’s right hand)
Victoria Williams: I’m old fashioned
Tish Hinojosa: Taos to Tennessee (Taos to Tennessee)
Drive By Truckers: Panties in your purse (Gangstabilly)

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