26 Mai 2004

Flatlanders: Whistle blues (Wheels of fortune)
Josh Ritter: You don’t make it easy baby (hell starling)
PVC: I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart (Barn Dance Favorites)
Cracker/Leftover Salmon: Teen Angst
Nancy Sinatra: Bang bang
PVC: Dixie Cannonball (Barn Dance Favorites)
Big Lou: Two guitars/Dark eyes (Dogs playing polka)
Tanya Dennis: He feels guilty (Apartment #9)
Brick Road Ramblers: Friend of the devil (Live at lock 3)
Barb Waters: Make it count (Rosa duet)
Dayna Kurtz: Somebody leave a light on (Postcards from downstairs)
DK: Satisfied
Gypsy Moths: The funk
Jerry Jeff Walker: May music be your wings (Gypsy songman)

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