30 Juni 2009

Wilco: you and I (Wilco – the album)
Catherine McLellan: Set this heart on fire(Water in the ground)
Nanci Griffith: Across Amwerica (The loving kind)
Romi Mayes: The man who loves to hate (Achin in yer bones)
Simnone White: Freight train (Yakimo)
Eilen Jewell: One of these days (Sea of tears)
Levon Helm: Golden bird (Electric Dirt)
Who: The last time
Peter & Gordon: I forgot more than you will ever know (Playing the hits of Nashville)
Standells: Sometimes the good guys don’t wear white (Michoigan State University)
Pepper Pots: Keep waiting (Now)
Antoine Dougbé: Nou Akwuenon Hwlin Me Sin Koussio (Legends of Benin)
Arthur Alexander: Go on home (Take me to the river)
Catherine McLellan: Not much to do (Water in the ground)

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