27 Juni 20213

Special: Static Roots Festival

Ferris & Sylvester: Party‘s over (Superhuman)
John Blek: Raven‘s cry (Until the rivers run dry)
Cordovas: Standin on the porch (Santa Fe channel)
Hello Darlins: Mountain time (Go by feel)
Evangeline Gentle: Gay bar (single)
Rowan: Youth and Youthhood (Does it make you happy
Woolf: What‘s left of us (Woolf)
Jim Bryson: Clear the crowds (Where the bungalow roams)
Malin Pettersen: Weightless (Wildhorse)
Beth / James: My problem (Get together)
Dylan Earl: Buddy (I sawthe Arkansas)
One Eleven Heavy: Plinth (Poolside)

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