08 Februar 2022

From surfing buttholes to exquisite corpses

Kramer: The Crying (And the wind blew it all away)
Jad Fair and Kramer: You cripple me (The Crying Game)
Paul Leary: Mohawk Town (Born Stupid)
Paul Leary: Gary Floyd revisited ( Born stupid)
Mekons: Buried treasure (Exquisite)
Tony Rice: Last thing on my mind (Church Street Blues)
Punch Brothers: Last thing on my mind (Hell on Church Street)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: What did the hen duck say to the drake (Good and green again)
Jake Xerxes Fussell: Love Farewell (Good and green again)
Jim Keaveny: Golden Carmen (single)
Eliza Gilkyson: Buffalo Gals (Songs from the River Wind)
Janis Ian: Resist (The light at the end of the line)
Eliza Gilkyson: We are not alone (2020)

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