30 November 2021

Sally Anne Morgan: Sheep shaped (Thread)
Sally Anne Morgan: Hori hori (Cups)
House and Land: False true love (House and Land)
House and Land: Blacksmith (Across the field)
Black Twig Pickers: Frosty Morning ( Hobo handshake)
Black Twig Pickers: Sheets of rain, streams of sun (Friend‘s peace)

Malcolm McWatt: Ghosts of Caledonia (Settler)
Gurf Morlix: I‘d stop the rain (Kiss of the Diamondback)
David Keenan: Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories (What then)
Gurf Morlix: Coming back to haunt me (The tightening of the screws)

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Last kind words blues (Raise the roof)
Rhiannon Giddens: Last kind words (Tomorrow is my turn)
Geeshie Wiley: Last kind words blues

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