16 November 2021

Billy Bragg: Freedom Doesn’t Come For Free (The million things that never happened)
Hayes Carll: Help me remember (You get it all)
George Jackson: Food, coffee and kisses (Hair and hide)
Wes Corbett: Mary Evelyn (Cascade)
Rachel Baiman: Madison Tennessee (Molly Tuttle)
Eleanor Buckland: Static (You Don’t Have to Know)
Tee & Cara: Steppin in time (As they are)
Johnny Cash: Give my love to Rose (Bear’s Sonic Journals – Johnny Cash at the Carousel Ballroom, April 24 1968)
Phoebe Hunt: Good blood (Neither one of us is wrong)
Eric Clapton: Man of the world (The kady in the balcony – Lockdown sessions)
Belleville: Long day (Turn the medicine down)
Gurf Morlix: Geniuses (Kiss of the diamondback)

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