14 März 2007


Harry Smith: Anthology of American Folk Music,

genauer gesagt: Harry Smith Project Revisited (*)


Apples in Stereo: Can you feel it (New magnetic wonder)
Apples in Stereo: Mellotron 2 (New magnetic wonder)
A Hack and a Hacksaw: (The way the wind blows)
Kelli Hicks: Buck again (Bucked)

Harry Smith:
David Johansen: Old dog blue ( Harry Smith Project)
David Thomas: Way down the old plank road (HSP)
Uncle Dave Macon: Buddy won’t you roll down the line (Songs2)
Memphis Jug Band: KC Moan (Anthology, Songs 2)
Nick Cave: Shine on me (HSP)
Rev. FW McGhee: Fifty miles of Elbow Room (Anth. Social Music2)

Ba Cisssoko: Silani ( Electric Griot Land)
Paul Nabor: Naguya Nei (10 years of stonetree, Frombakabush)
James Luther Dickinson: Louise (Dixie Fried)
Malcolm Middleton: We’re all going to die (A brighter beat)
Malcolm Middleton: Fuck it, I love you (A brighter beat)

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