06 Oktober 2020

Texicana Mamas: Amigas de corazon (st)

Jon Langford: Losers (Lucky seven series vol.1)

Murder By Death: The moon is up (Pandemophenia)

Banditos: Keep on smilin (Pandemophenia)

Sylvie Simmons: 1000 years before I met you (Blue on blue)

Palace: Gulf shores (Mountain ep)

Half Gringa: Teggsas (Force to reckon)

Avett Brothers: I shoul‘ve spent the day with my family (The third gleam)

Shovels and Rope: The wire (By blood)

Shelagh McDonald: Mirage (Let n o man steal your time)

Shelagh McDonald: Good times(Let no man steal your time) 

Joshua Burnside: Whiskey whiskey (Into the depths of hell) 

New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers: Come on down to my house (Vol. 1)

Joshua Burnside: Driving alone in the city at night (Into the depths of hell) 

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