25 April 2007


Otis Taylor: Mexican Cowboy (Definition of a circle)
Holly Golightly: My own sake (Serial girlfriend)
Holly Golightly: Time to go /Clean in two ( You can’t buy a gun when you’re crying)
Nils Koppruch: Näher seit gestern ( Den Teufel tun)
Mekons: Never work(Retreat from Memphis)
Winterpills: Laughing (Winterpills)
Ramsey Midwood: I told you so (Popular delusions & the madness of cows)
Taneytwon: I thought you knew (Taneytown)
Bright Eyes: Four winds (Cassadaga)
Lucy Kaplansky: Somewhere trouble don’t go (Over the hills)
Rosie Thomas: Paper Doll (These friends of mine)
Dick Gaughan: World Turned Upside Down (Hang Up Sorrow & Care)
Holly Golightly: Devil don’t (You can’t buy a gun)
Nils Koppruch: Heimweh

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