30 Juni 2020

Bob Dylan: Goodbye Jimmy Reed (Rough and rowdy day)
Neil Young: Little wing (Homegrown)
Mekons: What happened to Delilah (Exqusite)
Dick Taylor And The Red Squirls: Edith Grove (Rolling Stone – Life and death of Brian Jones)
Pretty Things: A house in the country (A slight disturbance in my m ind)
Brigid Mae Power: Not yours to own (Head above the water)
Larkin Poe: Every bird that flies (Self made man)
Norah Jones: I am alive (Pick me up off the floor)
Three Johns: You‘ll never walk alone (Peel session 1981/07/21)
Justin Wells: Some distance fr9m it all ( The united state)
Simansky Niesner: Little Amber (Imaginal anthems overseas edition)
Dan Hubbard: Hotshot
Nick Lowe: Here comes that feeling (Lay it on. Me)
Kai Clark: Eight miles higher (Silver raven)

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