02 Juni 2020

Mickey Newbury, new releases and Guitar Music

Meredith Miller Band: Frisco Depot (Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited)
Gretchen Peters: Why you Ben so Long (The Night you Write That Song)
Mickey Newbury: If you See her (I came to Hear the Music)
MN: She even woke me up to say goodbye (Looks like rain)

Pharis and Jason Romero: New Caledonia (Bet on love)
Fred Neil: Ba Di (The pother side of this life)
Aoife O‘Donovan: Lakes of Pontchartrain (Bull frogs croon)
Twinkle: Terry (Girl in a million)

Grant Green: Old folks (Retrospective 161–66)
Robbie Basho: Night way (Songs of the Great Mystery)
Joycelin Gould: All too soon (Elegant traveler)
Sibanda: Guabi Guabi (African Guitar box)

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