14 Januar 2020

Special: Lady Maisery

Askew Sisters: Georgie (Enclosure)
Hannah James and Sam Sweeney: William Taylor ( State and ancientry)
Hannah James & JigDoll Ensemble: Hush now (The woman and her words)
Lady Maisery & Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Hope is before us (Awake Arise)
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Hawk’s call (Many a thousand)
Rheingans Sisters: This forest (Bright field)
Rowan Rheingans: What birds are (The lines we draw together)
Lady Maisery: Diggers‘ song (Cycle)
Rowan Rheingans: Sky (The lines we draw together)
Poor Man’s Lamentation (Songs of seperation: Reflections on the parting of ways)
Lady Maisery: Nottamun Fair (Weave and spin)
Maddy Prior, Hannah James & Giles Lewin: The Lucky Blackbird – House Of White Roses (Shortwinger)

More on this week’s choice of songs: https://norbert-knape.de/?p=322

More on Lady Maisery: https://norbert-knape.de/?p=309

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