13 August 2019


Martin Carthy: Scarborough Fair (The essential)
Watersons: John Barlecorn (Frost and fire)
Lal & Mike Waterson: Magical man (Bright Phoebus: Songs by Lal & Mike Waterson)
Watersons: Country life (For pence and spicy ale)
Blue Murder: Rubber Band (No one stands alone)
Norma Waterson: Over the rainbow (Thought)
Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight: Migrating bird (A bed of roses)
Brass Monkey: The fox hunt (Complete BM)
Marry Waterson & Emily Baker: Little hits of dopamine as (A window to other ways)
Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick: Matt Hyland (But two came by)
Waterson:Carthy: Death and the Lady ( A dark light)
Carthy Hardy Young Farrell: Walking after midnight (Laylam)
Eliza Carthy: Adieu adieu (Wayward daughter)
Imagined Village: John Barleycorne / England half english (live)

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