30 Juli 2019


Anne Keating: Boxes (Can’t stand still) 
Tunng: The pioneers (This is Tunng.. Magpie bites and other cuts)
Small Glories: Winnipeg (Assiniboine & The Red)
Jesca Hoop: Red white and black (Stonechild)
Agitation Free: Sahara City ( Malesch)
17 Hippies: Frau von ungefähr (Ifni) 
Angela Perley: Dangerous love (4:30)
Murder By Death: Pints of guiness make you strong (As you wish – Kickstarter covers Vol. 3)
Starry Eyed and Laughing: When you walk in the room  
Mekons.: When darkness falls (Rock n Roll) 
Don Gallardo: North Dakota Blues (Hickory)
Cordovas: This town’s a drag (That Santa Fe channel)
Hanging Trees: For you – my blue eyed son (Songs Of Somewhere Else)

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