16 Juli 2019


Dennis Taylor: Bicycle Town (Dayspring)
Brinsley Schwarz: Lady On A Bicycle (Hens’ Teeth)
Mike Stuart Span: My white bicycle (Timespan)
Pink Floyd: Bike (Piper at the gates of dawn)
Tom Paxton: Ride My Bike (I’ve Got A Yo-Yo)
Half Man Half Biscuit: See That My Bike’s Kept Clean (Wing Ding)
Carrie Rodriguez: Seven Angels On A Bicycle (Seven Angels On A Bicycle)
Fats Domino: Rockin bicycle (Out of New Orleans)
Josh Thomas Bicycle Skank (Stop Yu Loafin)
Anna Laube: The bike song (Anna Laube)
Stone Poneys: Bicycle Song st)
Les Reed: Les Bicyclettes De Belsize (Focus On Les Reed)
Tom Waits: Broken bicycles (One from the geart)
Vivian Stanshall: Terry keeps his clips on (Teddy boys don’t knit)
Christof Dienz: Mein Bike (Dienz Zithered “Pure Zither”)

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